Taurean Warriors Series

Freeing Her Alien Warrior: A Taurean Warriors Prequel

An alien who crash lands on Earth.

The doctor who must question everything to save him.

Commander Oren Ka’Ress is having a bad day. An unexpected solar storm sends the Taurean intelligence officer’s ship off course to crash land on Earth. Not only is he injured and captured by Earth’s Space Force, but so is his dangerous prisoner—one of the evil insectoid Xakul soldiers. Oren quickly realises he needs backup, but with no way to contact his fellow Taureans, he’s stuck.

Dr. Amelia O’Malley is done with Space Force and their empty promises. She wanted to make a difference, not end up stuck on a dying planet. Disillusioned, she has only a few weeks left in the military when a mysterious patient arrives on her ward. Bigger than any man she’s ever seen, and with inhumanly bright eyes, Amelia finds herself full of questions. But there’s one problem—Amelia can’t understand anything he says.

As the Xakul threat looms, can Oren find a way for Amelia to understand him? Will he get backup before the humans inadvertently unleash the Xakul? As the clock counts down there is more at stake than either of them could dream.

Fighting For Her Warrior: Taurean Warriors Book 1

A woman on a mission to save humanity.

A scarred warrior granted one last chance to prove his worth.

Space Force veteran Laila Storey thinks she’s seen it all—until first contact with an insectoid alien race, the Xakul, destroys a fledgling Martian colony. The Xakul’s next target? Earth.

Humanity’s only hope is the Taureans, a warrior race who has battled the Xakul and won. Laila must learn from the Taureans how to beat the Xakul, before Earth is destroyed. She doesn’t have time for love… even if one particular Taurean warrior makes her heart race.

Commander Zac Qu’Rell wants back in the fight, but his last battle with the Xakul wiped out his entire team, and left him badly scarred. Yet when he meets Laila, he feels whole once more.

When a mission goes wrong, trapping them on a Xakul occupied planet, they realise there is more at stake than they thought. And with temperatures rising, both on and off the battlefield, there’s no time for love… is there?

Taming Her Alien Warrior: Taurean Warriors Book 2

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